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A week ago today I published the first part of the mysecurityevent agenda, which I am allowed to accompany as a moderator for 2 days. As announced, the second section follows today.

At the first day (29.3.) away 4:30 p.m speaks Julian Kanitz from Recorded Future about why no technology is free from vulnerabilities. Sophisticated attackers can, for example, circumvent security mechanisms such as multi-factor authentication. But, and this is the good news: There are approaches and ways in which MFA can be used and used for the highest level of protection.

Away 5:05 p.m lectured Bert Skaletskithe Resident CISO at proof point is, about the cyber threats lurking from outside and inside. Whether it’s an unintentionally opened phishing email or a dissatisfied employee – either way, the security of a company is at risk. At the mysecurityevent, Bert talks about how these risks can be minimized as much as possible and why the focus is primarily on valuable data.

Around 5:35 p.m starts the last lecture of the first day, which I am allowed to moderate. This involves the question of the stochastic probability that companies will be attacked and how this can be reduced. These and other questions Patrick Steinmetz after who is at Bitsight been dealing with this topic for a good 5 years.

mysecurityevent, day 2 (30.3.2023)

The second day (3/30/2023) starts at 8:30 am with a summary and the learnings of the first day, which I can give the best.

Directly afterwards, so from about 8:40 a.mshows Markus Linnartz from the security provider Evonikhow himself Production environments such as factories and warehouses using the right tools and security measures to protect against possible cyber attacks.

Around 9:15 a.m speaks Wolfgang Reichman of the Rheinmetall AGhow to set up your own Security Operations Center, especially within a highly regulated environment. He shows which approaches and tools can help in practice, which he has been dealing with for a good 23 years.

Away 9:50 a.m is all about preventive measures that can be used to identify cyber attacks and what the appropriate responses to them can look like. An important tool here is the continuous minimization of possible attack surfaces. Talk about how and with the help of which tools and insights this can be achieved Morris Beckers from Skybox Security.

Only against 2:30 p.m it then continues within Stream 2 at the mysecurityevent. The topic will then be ChatGPT and its possibilities and risks. That’s what the keynote is about Miss Dr. Swantje west polelocated at Institute for Security & Safety among other things busy with ChatGPT.

Around 3:05 p.m then enter Daniel Sauder of the thyssenkrupp Information Management GmbH the stage. He wants to show why it can be of essential advantage for a company to train its own so-called “friendly hackers”. Only this much about it: With their help, attacks from inside and outside can be better evaluated and recognized.

Around 3:40 p.m closes Markus Bentele of the MAHLE International GmbH the second day of Stream 2, with the question of whether and to what extent Companies have an effective plan against cyber attacks. With it he has been busy for quite a while, among other things 20 years at Rheinmetall.

And interested? Then you should register for the mysecurityevent as soon as possible. There are still a few places left.

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