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In a good three weeks I’ll be taking the train to Munich. To be more precise, in the north of the city, where FC Bayern Munich plays their home games. Exactly, in the Allianz Arena. There takes place on 2 days and one eve a new security conference format called mysecurityevent instead, which the esteemed Marc Plewnia is putting on its feet. I can support him in this, in two ways.

On the one hand, I do my main job in the sacred halls of FC Bayern, making and recording video statements, which parts of the speakers present will speak into my iPhone 14. The second focus has to do with moderating the speakers. This applies specifically to Presenters of the planned Stream 2, which begins at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday and ends around 4:00 p.m. on Thursday. In between there are 18 keynotes and lectures, all peppered with useful and valuable content and insights.

So that it is already clear today which focal points will be presented, 2 contributions will follow from today that will outline exactly that.

Wednesday March 29, 2023

It starts at 8:40 a.m Martin Bordt of the Schweizer Electronic AG. He As CIO and CISO, he takes care of the circuit board manufacturer’s safety-related skills. For this he bears the title “Director of Information Technology” and follows a very specific motto: “Don’t let them drive you crazy, hold service providers accountable and take responsibility yourself”.

From 9:15 am busy Tobias Schoch of the AXA with the topic of a lack of experts and the question of how this dilemma can be solved. In any case, Tobias believes that you need the right and sometimes surprising ideas for this. Incidentally, Tobias has been responsible for security at AXA for 5 years as CISO.

From 9:50 a.m. speaks Fabian Gasser from open systems about what CISOs actually dream of. Among other things, this has to do with uninterrupted cooperation between the SecOps team, and this is best done using a well-known collaboration tool such as Microsoft Teams. Fabian works as Head of SOC and acquired his basic knowledge at ETH Zurich.

At 10:25 enters Christopher Knorle from Commvault the stage, to about the Talking about availability and security of applications and data centers. Because that’s what he’s dealing with as Principal Sales Engineer day after day. And the questions that keep coming up are very similar: Should we operate our IT environment in our own data center or rather transfer everything to the cloud or even develop a hybrid model? And what does this mean for our security and compliance?

Climbed at 11:15 am Victor Ulrich the stage, as Head of Innovations at the security expert Genoa is working. He will speak about the buzzword Zero Trust, which experts often use when they talk about turning away from previous security models and concepts. But what does this paradigm have to do with the topics of digitization and cloud transformation, and what competitive advantages can result from this? This is exactly what Viktor will show at the mysecurityevent.

Punctually 11:50 a.m. seized Frank Schwaak from category the word that has been dealing with the topic of security for more than 20 years. As Field CTO at Rubrik, he oversees the company’s technical skills. His topic is directly related to Viktor Ulrich’s previous talk, namely Zero Trust. However, Frank is more concerned with the question of how the right concept can ensure maximum data security and data transparency.

After lunch, i.e. at 1:55 p.m., busy Klaus Klinger with software development. A lot of time (and money) could be saved there if the focus was more on playfulness and safety from home. Klaus holds the title of Head of Global Threat Management & Prevention, which he holds at the company burning day held since last October.

At 2:30 p.m. security expert begins Alexander Koch from Yubico to talk about his favorite topic, multifactor authentication. This is always used when you book a hotel room via Booking, for example. However, Alexander and colleagues appreciate this SMS-based type of two-factor authentication as too weak. Therefore, the company for which he is on the move offers suitable tools and services for maximum security. This is exactly what he will talk about in his talk.

Following this will Christopher Knell from you see from 3:05 p.m. onwards Security and compliance issues speak, which always have to be answeredif one of the customers wants to move from the data center to the public cloud. Because only if this transformation takes place as purposefully as possible and various requirements can be managed in the process, will everyone be satisfied with the result in the end. At the mysecurityevent, Christopher talks about how this can best be achieved.

The second part of my speaker presentation will be published in exactly one week.

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