Since the corona pandemic, working from home has been part of everyday work for millions of people. But if you want to work efficiently and motivated at home, you should make sure you have the best equipment.

Tips for buying a desk

With good home office equipment, office furniture and the appropriate technical equipment should not be missing. The choice of a suitable desk, the size of which depends on the individual living situation, plays an important role.

If you have a separate study, you should opt for a compact office desk with plenty of storage space.

On the other hand, if the desk is in the living room or bedroom, a smaller and more discreet model is the best choice. In general, when setting up their home office, working people should consider placing their desks near the window due to the incidence of daylight.
The optimal table height is reached when your arms rest comfortably on the tabletop.

If you have a separate study, you should opt for a compact office desk with plenty of storage space – Image: © #213010484

Buying tips for an office chair

If working people regularly do their work at home, a chair with a high level of seating comfort is the best choice. A wrong chair ultimately leads to an incorrect sitting posture, which usually causes back pain. If you want to buy the right office equipment, you should also pay attention to the rest of the furnishings.
For example, many office chairs are adjustable in height. Chairs with a noble character are leather-covered seats. Sitting balls are a popular alternative to office chairs. These seats allow the back muscles to be actively contracted, thereby ensuring an optimal sitting posture. Many people decide to switch from an office chair to a sitting ball.

If working people regularly do their work at home, a chair with a high level of seating comfort is the best choice – Image: © New Africa #415205812

Technical equipment: the right monitor

The space available and personal preferences also determine the decision for or against a monitor.

Monitors that are adjustable in height and inclination promise optimal conditions.

Another good choice are monitor risers, which in the form of a shelf improve overall posture. It would be like that, for example at KAISER+KRAFT. In addition, the screen diagonal should not be too small. An optimal size is 24 inches.

Benefits of multifunction printers and noise-cancelling headphones

Multifunction printers can print, scan and copy. If the models even have a WiFi function, wireless printing is even possible. If you want to print mainly in black and white, you should opt for an alternative printer. These devices reduce the risk of ink drying out.

Those affected face a particular challenge when the family is also at home at the time of work. In this case, headphones with a noise-cancelling function are particularly well suited. Ideally, professionals opt for devices with a long service life, good sound and little interference.

Multifunction printers can print, scan and copy – Image: © New Africa #427886279

The right accessories for the desk

The messier the work environment, the more productivity and concentration suffer. If you want to benefit from a tidy desk and don’t want to lose track of things, you should make sure you have the right accessories.

In addition to notebooks or notes, small table organizers are a must.

These organizers offer sufficient storage space for paper clips, pens, glue, etc. Mouse pads with a gel cushion ensure an ergonomic wrist position.

Small drinks as a source of strength

Doctors advise drink two to three liters of water daily. In order not to forget to drink while working from home, small bottles or water carafes on the desk can help. Anyone who prefers sparkling water is well advised to use a sparkling water maker.
Alternatively, there is nothing wrong with buying bottles of mineral water. Professionals should complement these drinks with individual accessories. For example, personal coffee cups ensure well-being at one’s own workplace.

Optimal setup for professional work

In order to work effectively in the home office, professional equipment is absolutely necessary.
That is why there are now many companies that support their employees in setting up their home workplace.

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