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it-sa Expo&Congress 2022 was a great success for everyone. No wonder, after all, the cybersecurity industry was able to present itself to the public again after a 2-year break. I captured what she had with her in the form of 8 video statements, among other things. These were created in close consultation and cooperation with Kafka Kommunikation.

What sets AlgoSec apart from other security providers

the essential “message”who are the CEO And Co-Founder of AlgoSec, Yuval Baronwith which visitors at it-sa 2022 wanted to share, summarized: With the help of AlgoSec new applications faster and safer bring to the market in that the security and development teams work more closely together. and what differs his company from other security vendors? Well, its money back guarantee since 2005 just 2 customers claimed.

The Dyrisk software platform takes on these tasks

Of Sven Sigel from the security provider Dyrisk I learned at it-sa 2022 which tasks his company’s software platform takes on. That includes that automated identification of risks, which are then prioritized in a suitable manner. On this basis, Dyrisk passes on recommendations to its customers as to which security solution could be invested in which areas.

Learn from Gateway what the abbreviation NDR is all about

Gerald Hahn from Gatewatcher brought me up to date on NDR (Network Detection & Response) at it-sa 2022. Ultimately, these are well-known mechanisms such as intrusion prevention and intrusion protection. However analyze NDR solutions like Gatewatcher’s also the encrypted network traffic, from which certain dangers emanate. One or the other known method can only detect infected data packets in an encrypted data stream with difficulty or not at all.

What is important for KnowBe4 in terms of security awareness

Of Jelle Wieringa from KnowBe4 I was allowed to learn how his company approached the important topic Security Awareness approaches, and can thus achieve great success with his customers. According to Jelle, this not only includes the theoretical, but also that practical training the right behavioral patterns when it comes to cyber security. Here comes the motivation of the users is of enormous importance.

What the Northwave ransomware study revealed

Eileen Walther from Northwave has at it-sa 2022 about the essential findings study reports commissioned by the company in relation to ransomware attacks that have taken place. This includes the physical and psychological effects, which a hacker attack on the persons concerned in the company can cause. A detailed summary of the study is available on the website of the Frankfurter Rundschau.

That’s why Ping Identity was primarily at it-sa 2022

Of course, after a 2-year break, Ping Identity also wanted to meet its audience and talk about the topic Identities and their protection speak, the Ping Identity aloud Thomas Schneider takes over in about 3 billion cases. This includes about half of all Fortune Global 500 companies. One of the solutions to which the associated tasks are assigned is called PingOne DaVinci. This is one cloud-based platformthat orchestrates and manages identities.

The news that Qualys had with it at it-sa 2022

With his new product TotalCloud, Qualys had a real novelty brought to Nuremberg to the it-sa 2022, about which I Jorg Vollmer was allowed to speak. Essentially represents TotalCloud is a transformation of Qualys’ proprietary VMDR platform into the cloud. This allows complete workflows to be mapped and protected. This includes asset management as well as uncovering possible weak points of the same.

That is why multi-factor authentication is becoming more important

Bit by bit, greater importance is being attached to the topic of MFA. At least it could Alexander Koch from Yubico observed during it-sa 2022. Among other things, this has regulatory and legal requirements to do that leave companies no choice but to implement a suitable MFA solution. This is where Yubico helps with its range of different Yubikeys. Because companies still rely on the traditional password, which can be mothballed using Yubico’s biometric approach.

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