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The Europapark area Rust is everything, just not clear. This applies to both indoor and outdoor areas. So I’m very pleased that the Organizer of the 3-day cloud event published an interactive map on their website. This means that even I can search and find a specific exhibitor with little effort.

So I’ve already arranged two fixed interviews at the Intel stand, with Markus Leberecht on the subject of security and with zane ball on the aspects of a highly secure and sustainable cloud and data center environment. I will shoot more videos there. So, stay tuned.

It is also clear that I will be going to the Lenovo stand on Wednesday to also conduct and record a video interview there. That shouldn’t be too much of a challenge either, thanks to the CloudFest plan.

As soon as I “have the first videos in the can” on the first day around noon, after a strengthening lunch break, I will go to the of Sectigo sponsored VIP lounge go, because of the silence preferred for the video editing. There’s bound to be some delicious coffee there too.

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