A beautifully landscaped patio or balcony is the perfect outdoor retreat. But especially in midsummer, the heat can make it uncomfortable to use. So it’s worth thinking about the right sun protection in good time. This should not only be aligned in such a way that it allows you to stay outdoors even in the midday heat, but also fit optically into the overall picture.
We have put together the best ideas for effective sun protection.

An awning – the practical eye-catcher

The awning is one of the most popular sun protection solutions. Awnings are particularly practical because they can be extended and retracted as required and not only protect against sunlight and UV rays. Awnings protect against the sun, wind and prying eyes. Modern solutions even do without the hassle of cranking.

In addition, the awning scores with the large selection of fabrics, colors and designs in which it can be found.

And by the way, an awning is a relatively inexpensive solution when it comes to durable and long-lasting sun protection for the terrace or balcony.
Awnings can also be used for both smaller and larger areas.

The awning is one of the most popular sun protection solutions – Image: © Loocid GmbH #4157366 stock.adobe.com

This is to be considered when buying

The perfect awning fabric is thick enough to keep out UV rays and ideally waterproof. Because under a waterproof awning you can even wait for a summer rain.

The exact price of the awning depends primarily on the drive and size of the awning. Very simple models are already available from 100 €. For a high-quality awning, costs from €1,000 upwards can be expected.

A pergola as a permanent solution

A nice sun protection solution for the terrace is a pergola. A pergola is decorative, offers privacy and shade. In addition, it can serve as a natural climbing aid. Originally, a pergola is open at the top. But as sun protection, it is closed at the top with cloth, wood or (plexi) glass.

If you are skilled with your hands, you can even build your own pergola. Before you get to work, however, you should find out whether a building permit is required for the pergola.
While this is not usually the case, depending on the size of the pergola, distance to neighboring property and other factors, a permit may be required depending on the exact by-laws of the municipality.

A pergola does not always have to be made of wood. There are also models made of plastic or metal.

By the way: Even a rose arch is a miniature pergola.

A nice sun protection solution for the terrace is a pergola – Image: © Kristina Blokhin #216321217 stock.adobe.com

A parasol for small areas

While permanent sun protection solutions such as the pergola are suitable for the terrace or certain areas in the garden, a parasol can already provide sufficient protection on the balcony. It is always a good idea to choose the largest possible umbrella, even for a small balcony, so that it provides sufficient shade regardless of the direction of the sun.

Parasols come in a variety of designs. And they differ not only in shape and size. There are three fundamentally different types of parasols on the market. The free-standing parasol provides shade around the mast. The mast is fastened in a heavy foot part.
With a cantilever parasol, the parasol does not sit on the mast, but hangs on the side of it. This is very practical because the entire space under the umbrella is freely available. A simple patio umbrella does not need a base. It is fixed in the opening of a patio or balcony table and provides shade in the seating area around the table.

Sun sail as flexible protection

A sun sail can be used in many ways. It can protect terraces, balconies, inner courtyards or garden areas from the sun’s rays from very small to very large areas. Even in a garden area with a slope, an awning can be attached as sun protection. And depending on the sun exposure, it can serve more as a side protection or a protection from above.
All it needs is a good mounting option. And this can even simply consist of three trees. However, high-quality sun sails have their attachment in the form of special poles and are equipped with a (manual) height adjustment. The practical thing about the sun sail is that it can be used in one area of ​​the garden and in another.

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