In recent months, pet owners have had to dig much deeper into their pockets when taking their pet to the doctor. Since the end of 2022 there has been a new fee schedule for veterinarians, the GOT.
Its introduction is good news for veterinarians, since the last major change to the regulation was more than 20 years ago.

Good news for veterinary practices

After the fees for veterinarians had remained at the same level for 20 years, the federal cabinet decided a few months ago to completely revise them Schedule of Fees for Veterinarians. On the one hand, the regulation drains the financial budget of animal owners. However, introducing them will save the existence of numerous veterinary practices.

The new regulation is based on the state of veterinary medicine and the economic requirements of veterinary practices.

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Significantly higher fees

The fees for most veterinary services have increased significantly. For example, vaccinations for dogs or cats no longer cost 5.77 euros, but 11.50 euros (how much does a pet cost?).
Fees for a general examination of cats will increase in the simplest form from EUR 8.98 to EUR 23.62. Examination fees for dogs from 13.47 euros to 23.62 euros. In return, selected treatments such as X-rays are somewhat cheaper.

The fees for most veterinary services have increased significantly – Image: © herraez #415479795

Amount of costs: Can veterinarians have a say in decisions?

Despite the new scale of fees, bills from doctors mostly resemble a surprise package.

This fact is justified by the fact that veterinarians are allowed to charge the single, double or triple fee rate in the course of the treatment.

For example, the costs can increase if complications occur during treatment, the animals react stressed or aggressively and support from other practice staff is therefore required.
The same applies if the treatment falls at night, on public holidays or at the weekend. In addition, veterinarians can take into account the equipment of the doctor’s office or their rental costs in the bill.

Veterinarian is too expensive – what to do?

In general, animal lovers should only decide to have a pet if they can afford to keep their four-legged friends, rodents, birds and the like. However, if pet owners find themselves in financial difficulties, they do not necessarily have to give up the animals.
In this country there are so-called animal panels, which support needy pet owners in providing their pets with feed rations. In this case, the feed is available for little money or even free of charge. If a visit to the vet is necessary, those affected can contact veterinarians who, in addition to their professional work, also act on a voluntary basis. If a larger sum is incurred, many doctors also agree to payment in installments. The final option is to contact a local animal welfare organization or the local animal shelter. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also take out a health policy for the animals. who one Find full health insurance for your dog or is looking for a solution for other pets, usually pays very unmanageable monthly fees.

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